[2016] MOB 9: Musicals on Bellz

If you would like to purchase 3pm tickets, pls click here.

27 Dec 2015: 7.30pm tickets are SOLD OUT. Thank you for your unwavering support.

You may view an introductory video on the 2pm sensory experience in the atrium & the concert here

A more detailed booklet on the following is available here:

a) How to prepare for the 3pm sensory/autism-friendly performance

b) provisions made to accommodate persons with special needs,


Pre-Concert Information

The 3pm performance will be approximately 60 minutes. however, you are invited to join us at 2pm for a sensory experience at the Victoria Theatre atrium. This will allow your child to experience the “upcoming concert at 3pm” through the 5 senses of touch, sight, hearing, joints & movement.

The show theme is based on musical theatre music-performed on handbells and other percussion together with singers, actors, and dancers. Songs include The Lion King, Aladdin, Singing in the Rain, Bibiks go Broadway(Singapore) and more.

The 5 sensory experiences includes:

1) The Lion King (playing of drums > using the sense of touch)

2) Singing in the Rain (tap dance > Joints & movement)

3) Bibiks go Broadway (costume dressing > using both the sense of touch and sight)

4) Wizard of Oz (magical sounds of handchimes > using the sense of hearing)

5) Aladdin (bookmark coloring > using the sense of joints & sight)

These activities would create a sensory experience for those participating in it so they will be have an idea of what is to be expected at the 3pm performancE and thus be able to relate to the activities they have participated in prior to the concert. At every station, there will be volunteers to facilitate the experience.

During the concert

The theatre will have about 30% of the lightings switched on and the sound levels would be brought down in order to create a comfortable atmosphere to the audience, 2 calming corners and a calming room are also made available for the audience. The audience are also allowed to participate (safely & freely) during the concert through their own expressions (except come on stage). All these provisions will be made so that families and children with special needs may enjoy the arts performances in a safe and comfortable setting.

Feel free to contact rachel@mob.org.sg OR damien@mob.org.sg for more details.